Hydro Jets Versus Drain Snakes

People often ask why we recommend hydro jetting instead of using a snake. It’s simple—hydro jetting is a more effective way to clean your drains.

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to hydro jetting vs. snaking:

1. Cleaning: A snake is essentially a large “corkscrew.” Snakes are efficient at cutting through debris to “carve” a pathway through the clog or blockage to unclog a drain. Snakes are best suited for small clogs that have not made it deep into the line. Hydro jets use water pressure up to 4000 psi at 9 gallons per minute to properly unclog the drain line while cleaning and flushing all debris out.

2. Direction: A main advantage of using a hydro jet is the ability to direct how the blockage and debris flow in the line–you can either push or pull the clog or debris. Most homes have a “cleanout,” or access point, which provides access to the main sewer line. If the cleanout is in the home, it is important to push the clog or debris out towards the city’s main line and not back into the home. If the cleanout is in the yard, you want to pull the clog or debris out to the city’s main line and not push it back towards the home.

3. Effectiveness: Snakes are helpful in situations where drains are moving slowly, or to remove an occasional clog from the drain. A hydro jet, however, is more effective and is needed when you find yourself using a plunger or snake more often. Snakes can make direct contact with the clog or debris but simply do not have the power that the hydro jet has to effectively cut through virtually anything, including food, baby wipes, grease, tree roots, dried concrete, and more.

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