Wet Yard? Drainage Problems? Water Shedding Issues? Sewer Cleaning Company Can Help!

Does your yard have pooling water? In addition to sewer and drain expertise, SCC also assists homeowners with correcting exterior water shedding issues that will eventually affect the foundation and storm system of your home.The SCC team will come to your home free of charge to assess the situation and give recommendations on ensuring that your home and storm system stay healthy and dry, fixing most yard drainage issues by:

  • Grading the yard properly to direct the water naturally.
  • Adding a drainage system. Yard drains and/or French drainage systems to direct water away from your home.
  • Ensuring downspouts and footer drains are working properly.

Sewer Cleaning Company is proud to offer a FREE video drain inspection (a $225 value). SCC’s goal is to keep your home dry, safe from water intrusion from a storm system that may not be working properly, and free from sewer backups—giving you peace of mind that everything is up to par.

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