Storm Drain Cleaning & Repair

Storm Drain Cleaning

While storm drains are designed to collect excess water runoff, they can also collect a substantial amount of debris, litter and other materials and objects that can clog the drain system. Damage to the drain or grate can also occur, resulting in a poorly functioning drain.

Here are the main signs that it’s time to call our team for professional help in clearing and/or repairing your storm drain(s):

Commercial Storm Drain Cleaning Service

Regardless of the type of storm drain you need cleaned, our expert team services all types and sizes of storm drains – from commercial, corporate, industrial and others – for full cleaning, descaling and pipe repairs.

To ensure a complete cleaning, we utilize several drain cleaning methods and specialized tools to remove debris, scale, corrosion, and other waste and litter buildup. Depending on the drain blockage, leak, or clog, different techniques along with specialty nozzles may be used.

The method we most commonly use is hydro jetting – a method that blasts water at high pressure into the storm drainage pipes and lines – because it is highly effective at quickly removing clogs.

It’s important to note that with regular maintenance and cleaning of the storm drain pipe, the lifespan of your plumbing system can significantly increase.

While a cleaning can remove clogs and blockages, it can also identify a leak or other storm drain issue, requiring a new or additional pipe drain rehabilitation solution to be implemented. This can save you in the long-run, as undetected issues can cause a much larger problem down the road.

Storm Drain Repair

Cracked or collapsed storm drain pipes can leak water into the surrounding soil. This leads to a buildup of water that can flood roads, parking lots, buildings and residential basements. If it’s determined that your storm drain pipes are cracked or collapsed, our team is equipped to handle repairs on storm drain systems.

Are your storm drains connected to your sewer lines? If your storm drains are connected to your sewer lines, your storm drains can also backup from blockages in the sewer line. We always recommend routine, simultaneous cleaning for both your storm and sewer drain lines.

Driveway Catch Basins

Do you need to improve the drainage around your residential or commercial driveway?

It’s essential that your driveway – whether residential or commercial – maintains proper drainage so water doesn’t sit or flow to places where it can cause damage or other undesired issues.

With driveway catch basins, water and debris can be caught, held and properly filtered and distributed away from your home/business, driveway and property.

If your property contends with any of the following issues, a catch basin may prove extremely helpful:

  • Regular standing water in yard or on property
  • Saturated grass
  • Patches of dead lawn
  • Foul odors in certain areas of the property that continuously remain wet or flooded
  • Accumulated water in basement or garage after a heavy rainfall

Using the most up-to-date and innovative equipment and processes, our team has the expertise and skills necessary to assess, install, and maintain any kind of catch basin system – including systems for established driveways.

Storm Drain Cleaning & Repair in Lake, Geauga & Cuyahoga Counties

Can your storm drainage system handle the next heavy rain? Your storm drains require professional and advanced technology. Let the professionals at the Sewer Cleaning Company clear your storm drain and help your entire drainage system remain clear and effective.

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