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Water seepage outside exterior of a home

Are You Ready For The Thaw?

As winter is on its way out and the ground is starting to thaw, many homeowners start to experience water seepage in the lower levels of their homes. Telltale signs are water spots on the wall or where the wall and floor intersect. Damp musty smells and high moisture readings are also a sign, if the walls are finished. For homeowners with finished lower-level spaces, this causes an extreme amount of anxiety. They fear the worst of having to undergo a full exterior waterproofing, as well as a full gut and remodel of this area.

At Sewer Cleaning Company, we suggest that before you start getting exterior or interior waterproofing quotes, you give us a call. The drains around your home might simply be full of debris and in need of a cleaning to get them working efficiently again. Think about it like replacing the air filter on your furnace or cleaning the lint trap on your dryer. Your storm lines are always at work, or at least they should be. Over time, they need a good thorough cleaning and nothing cleans pipes like a hydro jet. A hydro jet has the ability to keep itself centered in the pipe with water pressure that flows from the head perpendicularly unlike a snake that just rests on the bottom of the pipe–like a large corkscrew. The hydro jets’ ability to cut through debris while flushing it out of the line at the same time provides a highly effective and efficient cleaning.

Sewer Cleaning Company offers a free video line inspection to take the guesswork out of what’s going on inside your pipes. Please call today to set up an appointment to inspect your storm system before the thaw and the rainy season begins.

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