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  • Call Sewer Cleaning Company to make sure your sewers are working properly so you don't come home to this one day.
  • Serving Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga Counties
  • Does your yard have pooling water? In addition to sewer and drain expertise, SCC also assists homeowners with correcting exterior water shedding issues
  • The beautiful trees in Cleveland’s eastside suburbs are hard at work underground destroying your sewer lines. Here’s how Sewer Cleaning Company can keep your drains flowing freely
  • Warmer Days Are Ahead
  • Hydro Jets Versus Drain Snakes
  • BASEMENT WATER ISSUES RULE OF THUMB: Water Intrusion • Wet Basement • Discoloration of Basement Walls
  • Have you noticed slow drainage, odor coming from your drains, recurring clogs, or water intrusion in your basement or garage? Do you wonder if you have a clogged drain?
  • To ensure free-flowing pipes and drains, right now is the time to inspect this system and clear it of roots and debris. Sewer Cleaning Company offers a FREE VIDEO DRAIN INSPECTION
  • When protecting your home from potential water damage, sewer lines and drains aren’t the only things to worry about.
  • DON'T BE AFRAID OF YOUR DRAINS. Since 2019, Sewer Cleaning Company has been helping customers solve their storm line and sewer system woes efficiently and completely.
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  • WATER SHEDDING ISSUES? DRAINAGE PROBLEMS? SCC CAN HELP! Now that we are finally in the spring season, Sewer Cleaning Company has been getting an overwhelming number of calls related to pooling water in yards around the area
  • BASEMENT WATER ISSUES RULE OF THUMB: Water Intrusion • Wet Basement • Discoloration of Basement Walls 1. Water issues from your feet to your knees are typically compromised footer drains
  • We have received several inquiries about why we use hydro jetting instead of a snake.
  • If your home was built between 1900 - 1975 there is a 90% chance that there clay. Did you know that the standard clay pipe only has a shelf life of approximately 60 years?
  • Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of your sewer lines? Here’s how you can find out—for free.
  • Surrounding your home is a complex system of pipes and drains designed to carry water away from your basement.
  • As winter is on its way out and the ground is starting to thaw, many homeowners start to experience water seepage in the lower levels of their homes.
  • The EPA has been increasing its standards and regulations on ponds in Ohio. Along with Sewer Cleaning Company being experts at storm and sewer drain backups, they have been assisting in your community with their pond needs
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