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Our VAC Truck Service

In 2021, we introduced a commercial 2100 series Vac Truck to our fleet, as we were getting an overwhelming amount of inquiries if we had that capacity. We procured a Vac Truck that also has hydro-jetting capacity. This new tool in our toolbox allows us to provide the same services as large municipalities provide. We can hydro jet up to a 36-inch storm or sewer main, and vacuum debris out of any size catch basin up to 25-feet deep.


When Do I Need a VAC Truck?

If you are a commercial property owner that has large parking lots, you will find that the catch basins that collect storm water frequently get clogged with leaves and debris from the parking lot. Most commonly utilized in the fall after all the leaves have fallen, caretakers of their parking lots traditionally call us to clean their catch basins so that once the winter thaw happens, their parking lots do not turn into ponds.

hydro jetting storm and sewer lines


Hydro Jetting Commercial and Industrial Storm and Sewer Links.

In large industrial parkways and/or in plazas, the owner of the facility is responsible for the maintenance of their storm and sewer lines out to the city’s main lines. These line segments of the storm and sewer line are dramatically larger than a residential line, requiring a Vac Truck with the capacity to hydro jet lines that are up to 36” in diameter.

Frequently Asked QUestions

Can You VAC Out a Septic Tank?

The EPA requires sewage haulers to have special licenses and vehicles. Therefore, we do not haul sewage.

Can You Perform Trenchless Excavation With Your VAC Truck?

Yes, we can. In tight locations where there is no spot to create a spoil pile of dirt, we use a hydro jetting wand to turn up the soil and our Vac Truck to vacuum the soil up and out to allow us access to a point repair excavation hole.

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