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Part of a clogged sewer drain

Do You Know What Your Home's Sewer Pipes Are Made Of?

If your home was built between 1900 - 1975 there is a 90% chance that there clay. Did you know that the standard clay pipe only has a shelf life of approximately 60 years? They, unfortunately, have a gasket located in the bell of the pipe that over time can deteriorate. This is where your problems with this style pipe begin. The pipe can shift when this gasket deteriorates and will start catching materials flowing throw them. Over a period of time, the build-up can become so bad that a backup is inevitable.

It also creates an opportunity for roots in search of a source of water to enter into the lines. Once roots are in the lines, they have an endless source of water and continue to grow as this becomes the main artery for the tree to obtain water. Over time this root will grow and crack the pipe, or it will choke it out not to allow any material to flow through it.

Sewer Cleaning Company recommends that you take advantage of their video line inspection offered to check and see what’s going on in your pipes and check the health of them before it passes the point of hydro-jetting to keep them clean and clear.Sewer Cleaning Company specializes in root removal with its hydro-jetter and its multitude of different jet head attachments, some specially designed for the removal of roots. 

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