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Flooded basement due to a clogged sewer drain

Help! My Basement Just Flooded

Call Sewer Cleaning Company to make sure your sewers are working properly so you don't come home to this one day.

Signs of Sewer Backups 

• Several drains are clogged - drain very slowly or are backing up 
• Your drains smell bad, especially when you run water in other rooms 
• Water gurgles in the sink when you flush the toilet or use the shower 
• Your yard is soggy or smelly 

Possible Causes for Sewer Backups 

• Clogged Sewer Lines 

• Tree Roots Growing in Sewer Lines 

• Cracked or Collapsed Sewer Lines 

• Gutters, Downspouts, and Sump Pumps routed into sewers 

• Problems with City Sewers 


Tips for Preventing a Sewer Backup 

• Avoid putting so-called “flushable” bathroom wipes in the toilet 

• Never flush disposable diapers or hygiene products down the toilet 

• Use a hair catcher in showers and bathtubs 

• Never hook up gutters or downspouts to sanitary sewers 

• Install floating backflow drain plugs in open floor drains 

• Have your sewer line cleared every 3–5 years to remove clogs and build-up 

• Have your sewer line inspected every 6–10 years to check for cracks and wear 

• Never pour fats, oils, celery or coffee grounds down the drain, even if you have a garbage disposal 

• If you have had several sewage backups before, you may want to install either a backwater valve or an overhead sewer system


Sewer Cleaning Company is proud to offer a FREE video drain inspection (a $225 value). SCC’s goal is to keep your home dry, safe from water intrusion from a storm system that may not be working properly, and free from sewer backups—giving you peace of mind that everything is up to par.

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