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Clogged sewer drain pipe

Inspect Your Drains

Surrounding your home is a complex system of pipes and drains designed to carry water away from your basement. To ensure a free-flowing spring, right now is the time to inspect this system and clear it of roots and debris.

Where I grew up in south Georgia and Alabama, most homes were built on concrete foundations. We didn’t have basements because there was little danger of freezing pipes. But here in Northeast Ohio, virtually every home has a basement, accompanied by a complex systems of pipes and drains designed to keep that basement safe and dry.

Most homeowners are unaware of this system because, for the most part, it is buried underground. It includes storm lines, footer drains, drain tiles and, of course, sewer lines.

“Footer drains go around the perimeter of your home to carry away rainwater and water that bubbles up from the water table,” explains Anthony Peto, founder of Northeast Ohio’s Sewer Cleaning Company. “These drains often clog with debris, crack due to the freeze/thaw cycle, or become blocked by tree roots. That sends rainwater right into your basement.”

Older homes featuring terracotta drain tiles are particularly susceptible to these issues.

“Keeping your gutters clean is important,” Anthony adds, “but you also have to make sure all that water cascading down the downspouts is carried away from your home. It’s best to prepare your drains during fall and winter for a good, free-flowing spring.”

Sometimes a simple clog in this system can cause a damp basement, so before you spend thousands on basement waterproofing, get peace of mind by spending a few hundred with Sewer Cleaning Company. “It might be a simple fix,” Anthony advises.

Sewer Lines and Covid-19

In addition to keeping rainwater out of your basement, it’s important to keep “gray water”—that is, sewage waste water—out as well.

“Tree roots are the biggest culprit when it comes to clogged sewer lines,” Anthony says. “If you have trees in your yard, you have to be especially diligent. A regular clean-out is a good idea to avoid a surprise back-up.”

Many homeowners discover a clogged sewer line when the tub, shower and toilet are getting extra use, including when we have company visiting. And because the Covid-19 pandemic has reduced family visits, big trouble is brewing underground.

“Right now, many homes have clogged sewer lines but the homeowners don’t know it yet because during the pandemic they haven’t been experiencing the extra waste water caused by visitors,” Anthony says. “When those visitors return—like during the upcoming holiday season—there are going to be sewer backups all over Northeast Ohio and beyond.”

Advanced Equipment

Sewer Cleaning Company uses a high-tech videoscoping system to discover in advance exactly what kind of clog you have—if you have one. Their technicians run a camera down your sewer and record a video of what’s going on.

“It’s like a colonoscopy for your pipes,” Anthony says, “And once we have a ‘diagnosis,’ we know exactly the best method to clear the line.”

Although the company utilizes traditional snakes and cutter heads, they specialize in clearing lines with today’s leading-edge, high- pressure water jets designed to tackle different types of clogs.

“We have a powerful 4,000 psi, 9-gallons- per-minute water jet system with the capacity to clean up to an 8-inch commercial sanitary line, a small, 1.25-inch vanity drain line, and your storm lines,” Anthony says. “Our hydro-jet technology flushes the entire pipe clean and doesn’t leave a debris field like a traditional snake. Plus, older terracotta pipes were installed in two-foot sections without smooth joints, so things like baby wipes
and feminine hygiene products—which should never be put in a toilet—can become trapped.”

If tree roots have destroyed or collapsed your sewer line and it’s just too far gone, Sewer Cleaning Company can also handle the excavation to replace the line. They have all of the equipment needed—Bobcats, excavators, even drones—to replace your old sewer line professionally. “Excavation is a last resort,” he assures. “But if it has to be done, people are relieved that we have the experience, skill, and equipment to do it ourselves and do it right.” 

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