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Warmer Days Are Ahead

The Nor’easter that hit Northeast Ohio in January dumped nearly two feet of snow onto all of our roofs. Do you know where all that snow goes when it melts? It should go into your gutters and into your home’s storm system, and then proceed out to the city’s storm main line - assuming your drains are working properly. Far too often, storm drain lines are the last item of maintenance on a home, until homeowners are plagued with a backup or a wet, leaky foundation.

Sewer Cleaning Company possesses the tools and technology to assist in addressing these issues. With our Rigid SeeSnake video recording equipment, we can get into the storm system and put eyes on the condition of the line. If we find that the lines are blocked, we can thoroughly clean and remove any and all debris in the line, allowing them to flow and function as they should. In older homes built between 1940-1970, most downspouts are plumbed into the footer drains that run around the perimeter of the home. Clogged footer drains lead to wet, damp and musty lower levels of the home. Simple cleaning of these lines can help remove that wet, damp and musty smell by assuring the footer drains drain properly and do not hold water due to them being clogged or backed up.

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