Sewer Dye Testing

What is a Dye Test?

A dye test determines if your home is properly connected to the sewer system by identifying points in the system where rain or groundwater may incorrectly enter the sanitary sewer system.

In performing a dye test, nontoxic dye is placed into each exterior storm connection, such as drains, downspouts, and driveways, and then flushed with water.

It is then verified if the colored water exits into the street via storm water drains or – by monitoring the downstream sanitary sewer manhole – if there is a presence of dyed water in the sanitary sewer.

Why is a Dye Test Required?

Connections between sanitary sewers and storm sewers are prohibited by law. The Clean Water Act requires home and property owners to diminish storm water drainage from entering the sanitary sewer system to avoid sewage entering and contaminating waterways during heavy rainfall.

When is a Dye Test Required?

Sewer dye tests are required at the sale or transfer of a property.

For a home to be sold in specific cities, it must be certified that its plumbing system and sewers are working as intended, and a dye test is an integral part of this.

Sewer Dye Test in Eastlake, Wickliff, Willowick & Other Lake County Cities

For residents in Eastlake, Wickliff, Willowick and other Lake County cities, dye testing sewer lines is required. Give the Sewer Cleaning Company a call today and consider your sewer dye testing complete. We help homeowners through the process, answer every question, and can quickly remedy a situation if repairs need to be made to your plumbing system.

Dye Testing Sewer Lines or Plumbing Repairs: Rely on the Sewer Cleaning Company

Before you put your home on the market or transfer your property, let us check the dye test off your list. If your home fails the dye test, we can quickly make the repairs you need to ensure your home’s plumbing system meets legal requirements and is ready to sell.

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